Bringing everything I need, and nothing more, is one of the biggest challenges I’ve faced while motorcycle camping. Using rope, and having memorized two knots and a hitch, saves valuable space and weight in my pack. I usually keep a spool of microcord in my kit bag, but if I’m securing gear to my bike, I’ll opt for paracord instead. I have yet to find myself in a situation where these three knots couldn’t accomplish the task at hand.

Slip Knot

I incorporate these into the loose end of all my knots and hitches. Pulling the loose end of your line through a loop in the working end makes an easy knot to release when breaking camp. Furthermore, pulling the loose end through the newly made loop is a great way to keep excess line organized.


Bowline Knot

Start by tying the loop around, or through, an object; under load, the knot tightens. For quick release, I like to tie a slip knot into the loose end. Alternatively, a double overhand tied into the loop helps prevent the knot from shaking loose.


Trucker’s Hitch

Using a slip knot as a leverage point, the trucker’s hitch allows you to pull the line tight, with mechanical advantage. Great for securing a load, or tying a ridge line for a tarp. I also finish the hitch with a slip knot.

Many thanks to Animated Knots for saving me from having to make videos on how to tie these.

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