If you’re not careful, the Arizona Sun will kill you. This seems to be forgotten every year, and I can’t even begin to stress the importance of staying hydrated and monitoring your core temperature. With an average high temperature of 106°F, and some days getting hotter than 120°F, it’s easy to end up in a dangerous situation. Heat exhaustion will start to kick in between 99°F and 104°F, and turns into heat stroke when your core temperature exceeds that.

Whether I’m riding motorcycles, hiking under the midday sun, or working in a warehouse with no air condition, I’ll be wearing this silly looking vest. Despite being rather unpleasant, aesthetically, it has made countless Summer afternoons bearable. I’ll pair it with a matching scarf to protect my neck from sunburn and keep circulating blood cool.

These garments will start to smell a bit funky after use, as with any athletic wear. Personally, I’ll hand wash with warm water and a little bit of distilled white vinegar. After a thorough, cold rinse, it’s good as new.

TechNiche Cooling Sport Vest
Frogg Toggs Neck/Head Band


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