Demo Ride: 2017 Ducati SuperSport S

I enjoy the look and styling of this bike. It’s very simple and clean, yet has all kinds of neat tech underneath the fairings that I have no idea how to use. I love how nimble the bike feels, being light and easy to lean. Heavy braking felt positive, and opening up the throttle into corners is a treat every time.

Not being anywhere near as tucked in as some other sport bikes, I imagined the SuperSport as a great daily driver. I can see myself carving through traffic, and screaming down mountain roads effortlessly. The way the motor is set, I find that I’m able to use more of the power the bike can offer much more often. The Ducati Quick Shifter takes some getting used to. Ultimately, I found myself not taking advantage of it due to muscle memory.

This bike found it’s way on to my short list very quickly.

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