Naturally, the SOG PowerLock has all of the generic tools you’d expect in any quality multitool: saw blade, half serrated knife, and a pair of folding scissors. However, the little differences are worth their weight in gold. Aside, it also features a 1/4″ socket driver, a can opener that actually works, and a set of gears behind the pliers.

Similar to how a series of pulleys will decrease the amount of effort needed to lift an object, these gears multiply the amount of force applied. The folks at SOG in charge of naming things refer to this mechanical advantage as “Compound Leverage Technology” Roughly translated, that means, “grip, twist, and cut everything effortlessly.”

The biggest selling point for me was the modularity of the tool itself. Having the ability to remove and replace individual components was a great idea, and brilliantly implemented. I’ve replaced the Phillips head screwdriver with a rescue hook, and the Non-Bottle-Opener-Slotted-Screwdriver with wire strippers. I had the Phillips head screwdriver break on me once, and the NBOS screwdriver seemed redundant.

Albeit heavier and a bit longer than your typical Leatherman or Gerber, it earned its place as a permanent part of my kit bag. I also keep a ferro rod/knife sharpener in the pouch with it, and they make quite the pair.

SOG PowerLock Multitool
SOG V-Cutter Rescue Hook

SOG V-Cutter Rescue Hook

SOG Firesteel/Sharpener


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