First impressions are everything. When I received this holster from Sierra 12, I figured it was just like every other kydex holster I’ve ever gotten. I was correct, and that’s part of why I love it. It’s a very simple, no frills design, but the attention to detail is out of this world. As far as quality of construction, the 0.80 kydex gives it a nice, solid feel, without adding too much bulk to the rig. Granted, a Glock 22 with a TLR­1 is a whole lot of stuff to try and cram down your trousers, it fits comfortably and conceals effortlessly. The general shape is contoured nicely to the firearm, and space is saved by placing the clip in the center of the rig. I do wish the footprint was a little wider, and the mounting points were spaced apart, to help distribute the weight across the breadth of my waist a bit more. What I do love about the single clip is how quickly I can get the thing on and off, and adjust the holster’s position.

I played around with the mounts quite a bit, and even changed out the clip for two Pull­The­Dot belt loop snaps I salvaged from a Blade­Tech holster I had laying around. This worked out great for adding more options to the adjustment of the angle of draw while wearing towards a four or 5­o’clock position. I switched it back to the included belt clip when worn on my appendix. Once on, it was like it had always been an integral part of my kit. I noticed the draw and holster strokes were almost identical to that of my Safariland 6395, which made transitioning from a duty holster to an off duty concealment holster quite painless. I initially started working with the holster at the 1­o’clock position, concealing it on my appendix. I generally prefer to carry there, for retention and presentation purposes. Presentation was very clean and smooth, with no snags or hang ups. You can definitely feel a different, and very meticulous amount of work went into making the mold just right. Holstering the pistol was just as smooth, but there is no “positive click” that a lot of people look for when running level 1 (see: friction) holsters. I moved the holster to the 5­o’clock position and started working with it there, and it immediately felt odd. I will say it’s certainly not the holster’s fault. I carried there for years, but realized I hadn’t carried anything back there for years.

The drawstroke was still very smooth, and I noticed the low cut made for a very wide opening, which made blind holstering the pistol effortless. I shot the AZ POST course of fire with it, and it handled very well. Standing and walking with the rig is by and far the most comfortable, and not once did I worry about lack of retention during any activity. I took it trail running with me up Thunderbird Mountain, and did weapon retention drills with it with no problems. Worn in a vehicle is rather uncomfortable just due to the size of the firearm, and I generally prefer to not take my firearm off and transition it to another holster or mounting point if I can avoid doing so. Surprisingly, wearing it at the 5­o’clock position on a motorcycle was quite comfortable, as long as my pack wasn’t loaded too heavy and pressing
the frame into my back. I even took a nasty spill on my motorcycle, and didn’t really notice it too much. Bouncing around in the Jeep, however, is a different story.

Ultimately, this holster isn’t anything new or exciting by any means, which is exactly what makes it such a great option. Sierra 12 isn’t trying to make any sort of breakthrough that will revolutionize the holster industry, they are just doing all the little things right. Personally, I feel this particular rig would be best suited between three and 5­o’clock, outside the waistband, and I would love to see that as an option. Worn IWB, and with a little bit of time, you’ll find a sweet spot eventually. Once you do, and get used to it, it’s really quite nice. I think it’s a great product and should be marketed as a viable option for law enforcement, whether it’s off duty or plain clothes. It’s simple, easy to use, and wonderfully similar to the equipment they’re already running.



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