Over the years, I’ve found hatchets lacking in ability and axes simply too unwieldy for the trips I take. Furthermore, the plethora of tomahawks on the market are too light to be good for much more than combative applications. I need a work horse, and the Rifleman Hawk from Cold Steel fills that role.

Bridging the gap between a full size axe and a small camp hatchet, this tool makes quick work of driving stakes and chopping thick branches for the fire. With the axe head being much heavier than what is commonly available, this thing hits the proverbial ton of bricks. Despite that, it’s still small and light enough to carry. I can’t imagine being in the woods without it.

I use a Bianchi Flashlight Ring to carry the hawk on my hip. This gives me the versatility to attach it to my backpack, or anything else, really. I’ve also replaced the nylon sheath with a simple edge cover I made in my garage, using a piece of kydex and some bungee cord.

ColdSteel Rifleman Hawk
ColdSteel Cordura Sheath
Bianchi Flashlight Ring


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