I can read a topographical map, navigate waypoints using a compass, and tell how much daylight is left without a watch. Electronics simply help improve efficiency and minimize my margin for error. However, there are some things I can’t do without electricity though; charging camera batteries, for instance.

Goal Zero’s Nomad 20 solar panel, a couple of Sherpa 50 batteries, and the Guide 10 recharging pack have long been mainstays in my pack. The entire kit is small and light enough to pack without noticing. The most notable features for me would be the numerous output ports, having the ability to charge multiple devices simultaneously, and clever attachment points on all of their products.

Arizona has no lack of sunshine. That being said, I can charge the Sherpa 50 from 0% to 100% in around seven hours, and four AA batteries in the Guide 10 in around two.

I’ve taken these with me on many adventures, and they’ve proven their worth countless times. The Sherpa 50 will recharge my Nikon camera batteries three or four times without breaking a sweat. The Guide 10 does a great job of keeping batteries ready for flashlights and headlamps. Through the day, the solar panel can charge my phone, watch, and tablet, and it’s easier done than said.

Goal Zero Nomad 20
Goal Zero Sherpa 50
Goal Zero Guide 10


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