Rio Vista, AZ

An old friend approached me out of the blue, and asked if I knew anybody that could help her set up her own online store. She had been on Etsy for a while, but wanted her own presence. I warned her of the rabbit hole she was about to dive into, but she seemed ready and willing. Next thing we know, she has a domain name, hosting, an ecommerce platform, and is learning more about business and law than she had ever imagined. I gave as much consulting as she could take, and did everything I could to set her up for success.

She commissioned me for a couple of photoshoots, and I was delighted to oblige after she sent me some headshots of the model I’d be working with. She was young, and new to the job, but took direction exceptionally well. I loved working with her creativity, and we found ourselves collaborating rather quickly. I was lucky and grateful to have a clear and perfect sunset, nevermind a natural in front of the camera.

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