Blue Ridge Reservoir, AZ

Another motorcycle camping trip, slowly working on lightening my gear to perfection. Made it there with about half of the equipment I usually pack, and what a difference it made. Smaller, lighter, easier to carry all makes a big difference!

We grabbed breakfast at Rock Springs Cafe before heading up the hill. It was delightful, as always. We decided we would be headed North, and taking the long road in.

The big change to the kit this time was the 1-man bivvy sack I picked up to try. It seemed like an ultralight and very novel idea, with a single pole design that looked like a stretched out teepee. It wasn’t the most spacious or comfortable thing in the world, but the vestibule was a really nice touch.

It did fine keeping the bugs and weather out, and the vents ensured cool air and plenty of circulation. Not once did the tent get stuffy. Not a whole lot of room to work in, though.

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