Demo Ride: 2017 Monster 1200S

They call it Concrete Gray, and I fell in love with the color’s neutrality. Having ridden Monsters before, I went in with certain preconceived expectations. Not knowing everything had been changed before I turned the key, I was admittedly expecting more of the same I had experienced before. I’ve always loved the character of a performance V-Twin, and this bike exemplifies it.

It has loads of torque at the bottom end, and a sharp zap of power towards the top. The shorter wheelbase made carving traffic and diving into corners a delight. The Bembro calipers give a great feeling of control, without being too sticky in the city. Three preset riding modes gave me the option of total fun. With a few button presses, it switches to a tame and polite commuter. I’d be curious to see how its Touring mode would fare on long rides.

When asked my thoughts, I replied, “it’s like falling from the sky on the wings of an angel.”

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