As much as I loved my Ducati, the cost of owning her was becoming a burden. I’m no stranger to turning my own wrenches, but there was a lot I simply wasn’t equipped to take care of. The specialty parts, tools, and service costs were adding up fast. Despite that, I still had a difficult time trading her in, as I had grown quite attached. Over the last year, I had considered more than a dozen options. I had test ridden everything from power cruisers to super sports, and everything in between. None of them sang to me. Ultimately, the one I fell in love with made hardly any noise at all.

In all my years, and all my bikes, I’ve never ridden anything like this. The Zero Streetfighter is lighter, with more torque and better range than my Ducati. Brilliantly balanced, and more than willing to dive into corners, I could actually hear mountain roads beckoning us to come play. You can hear the motor winding as you accelerate. Once you reach a certain speed, the tires on the road make more noise than the bike does.

Even on a shaft driven bike, I’ve never felt this kind of instant power. It’s taken some getting used to, making sure I keep the front tire on the ground. Furthermore, there’s no shift lever and no clutch. At first, I was unsettled by this, but I’ve come to appreciate it. I didn’t realize getting rid of those two levers would give me five fewer things to have to think about. I’m able to focus more attention on the road and my surroundings.

So far, everyone I’ve met has asked, “how far will it go?” and, “how much does it cost to charge?”

The answer is, “about 100 miles per charge,” and “about a dollar per charge.”

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