The dearest of all my friends came up a little short on cash for a down payment on his new home. Willing and able, I offered him the money he needed, and I was glad when he graciously accepted my offer. Rather than arguing the matter, he insisted I take his bike as collateral. Uninterested and reluctantly, I accepted on the condition that he buy it back from me when able.

Having never ridden it before, I assumed it was going to be a big, clunky, and unwieldy behemoth. Once I got moving, I found myself pleasantly surprised. She proved responsive, and nimble, willing to do whatever I asked for. She rewarded me for smooth input, and definitive action. I found myself falling in love again. I never thought I’d like a bike like this, and now I find myself never wanting to give her up. Nevermind that she bears a striking resemblance to a certain spaceship.

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