When first debuted, Fenix lights had to compete with industry standards like Surefire and Streamlight. However, they’ve quickly made a name for themselves with an incredibly competitive price point, and a no questions asked lifetime warranty, on one of the best new products I’ve seen offered in quite some time.

This has been my go-to light for years now. It boasts a max output of 1000 lumens, with five different output modes, and has a “tactical” and “outdoorsman” mode.

The Outdoorsman mode has an output memory, so if you put it on a lower output, it will stay there. This is great because I don’t necessarily need a tactical light all the time. Reconfiguring it to Tactical mode causes the light to go to its highest output possible immediately upon activation. It’s also shock isolated, waterproof, and weapons mount compatible.

Typically carried in my front left pocket on a daily basis, I have used it rifle mounted, and in conjunction with a pistol, through low light training. The light has also proven itself a necessary tool on numerous adventures, nevermind coming in handy countless times

In my opinion, being compatible with 18650 rechargeable batteries, as well as able to utilize 123A disposables, is the most important feature offered. I’ll always very strongly recommend going that route, especially considering the recharging bay can also be used as an output battery pack for other devices, like a cellphone or GPS device. Tie it all together with a lightweight solar panel, and make worrying about low batteries a thing of the past.

Fenix PD35 Tac
Fenix 2-Bay USB Multicharger
Fenix 18650 Rechargeable Batteries


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