I call this my “heavy pack”, because sometimes my RUSH12 is just a little too small, but my full size rig is far too excessive. Eberlestock made the J51 Warhammer for that very situation. The design of the frame and harness brings the weight of the pack close to the body, and high on the shoulders. As such, it makes carrying a heavy load far less daunting.

Perfectly executed, the J51 is a hybrid of an internal frame and external frame pack. I love having the ability to adjust the carry height by moving the harness vertically, then fine tuning the suspension system. However, as a result, fitting the pack takes time.

The main pouches, split in half by way of a heavy zipper, and provide ample storage for all my gear. They also offer top, and side access, to the compartments. A luxury rarely found in other packs. The top and bottom flaps, covering the main cargo bay, help to keep the load compressed. These flaps also open to accommodate tall items like tripods, bows, and rifles. The main cargo bay itself has MOLLE webbing from top to bottom, allowing me to integrate modular pouches into a workstation to suit my needs. Furthermore, heavy internal zippers integrate seamlessly with the Spike Duffel and the Little Brother. Disregarding those zippers, I’ve also hauled firewood, medium and large game, and even a flat tire with this thing! You should have seen the looks on the the guys faces at the tire shop. I’ll post a picture once I track it down.

Aside, should the J51 ever fail me it is backed up with Eberlestock’s lifetime warranty. As such, I use this pack often, with little worry, and have yet to find anything it couldn’t handle. Despite all these benefits, there are some drawbacks. The pack is wider than it is deep, and can be uncomfortable for someone with a narrow frame. Despite being made of Four Season Ripstop, and weighing in at 8.5 LBS, it is heavy by itself. Lastly, it requires a good deal of commitment to fit perfectly, but undoubtedly worth the trouble in the long run.

Eberlestock Warhammer Pack
Eberlestock Tactical Weapon Carrier
Eberlestock Spike Camp Duffel


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