Having scouted the area a week prior yielded few benefits. The entire forest was packed with campers doing the same thing we wanted; to get out of town for a weekend.

We arrived at the Bear Canyon Lake Campgrounds before the rest of the gang, and it was completely full. We ended up having to camp a few miles away from the lake. It was not surprising with so many people out that I had to protect our campsite from encroachment.

By late afternoon, everyone that was planning on joining us had arrived, and we didn’t have to worry about unwelcome guests anymore.

At that point, we had already set up camp, a cook station, and built a new fire ring. I was grilling chicken thighs and elote, and with the sun setting quick, started the campfire. After dinner, we spent the evening drinking wine and catching up.

We started the morning with breakfast sausages and scrambled eggs. After a brief hike down to the lake, we came back for an early lunch. The campgrounds were very crowded. The side-by-sides, and volume of campers, coming through our site made for an uncomfortable afternoon. I did however manage to take a photo that turned out to be one of my favorites ever taken.

We broke camp and headed out early. Definitely not the best camping trip I’ve had, but these are trying times. We definitely were not the only ones looking to get out of town amidst the Covid-19 quarantine.

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