Harley-Davidson of Scottsdale, AZ
Bike 4 Blue

People have told me my whole life that a man has a choice. When he learns all the details of a situation, I don’t believe he does. I feel doing what you can to do the right thing is the only choice a man can make.

When one of my friends, a Phoenix Police Officer for 15 years, explained he had been diagnosed with scleroderma and polymyositis and had spent the last few months in hospitals and rehabilitation. I wasn’t in a position to be of any help to his increasing medical bills, but I insisted he let me know what I could do to help him and his family.


He told me about the inaugural fund raising event he was fleshing out, and I immediately offered my studio to him and his coordinators. When the Bike 4 Blue Benefit Ride came to fruition, it definitely made for an interesting day of riding and photography.

The Poker Run found me chasing participants from one stop to the next, all through The Valley. Between two cameras, I captured nearly a thousand photos. After a few days worth of editing and post processing, and I delivered nearly $5000 worth of work they could utilize for next year’s ride and marketing efforts!

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